350 volunteers serving 8000 meals every day to community cats in Southern California!


As one of the largest community cat feeding organizations in the world, LA Feeders has a simple goal -- to ensure every neighborhood (stray) cat in Southern California is fed.  Another of our goals is to develop a "buddy system" which will help feeders in communities to meet, match up and help each other in time of need.

As of Nov 2011 we have 350 members feeding over 8000 community cats in the Southern California area.


Welcome to LA Feeders!!

Started in 2010, LA Feeders is a volunteer, grassroots animal welfare organization based in Los Angeles.  Our mission is to provide free and low-cost food to community cat caregivers in Southern California, as well as to create a network of feeders who can help each other in times of need.

Next Food Depot:  
Sun, Nov 20 Noon
Cat Kibble & Dog Wet
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Next Event:  TBD
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Feeding Neighborhood Cats since 2010!

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Membership is required to receive food and 
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If you want to help with the cost of food, contributions are gladly accepted.

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